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A LittlePeace - BtVS - No Pairing/Gen - PG

Challenge #52:
It was sort of amusing in hindsight.

Title: A Little Peace
Author: keyne_mckinnon
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Genre: Willow/Buffy/Xander Friendship
Word Count: 903
Rating: PG
Summary: Buffy comforts Willow and comes up with a plan to turn the tide of demon killing.

It would be sort of amusing in hindsight. It was a mantra that Willow played over and over in her mind as she rocked back in forth, her arms encircling her knees. She felt as if she were back to her awkward Sunnydale years before Buffy came into their lives.

"Willow? Willow, are you alright?" Buffy's voice echoed from the bottom of the staircase and Willow curled further into a ball hoping that she could fade away. Maybe if she was very quiet, Buffy would think that she had left. If she could be really lucky, maybe she could be eaten by a demon before Buffy came to investigate.

"Willow, I know you're up there." Buffy's voice became more determined with each step she took up the stairs. She quietly pushed open the door to Willow's room, and leaned her shoulder against the doorframe watching Willow as she tried to hide.

She straightened and crossed the room in purposeful strides. Willow had always been there for her when she needed her and she would be there for her friend. It had hurt Buffy that she couldn't comfort her best friend when Tara died, but she could do this. She could be there for her now. It wasn't the same as Tara's death, but it was still a loss.

"Kennedy's an ass."

Willow choked out a laugh as she finally raised her head to look at her friend. "No, she's not, but thanks." She leaned her head on Buffy's shoulder and sniffled. "She's right, though. I did change after I called all the Slayers. I wasn't a good girlfriend and I would break up with me."

Buffy's fingers gently slid through the silky strands of Willow's hair, trying to give her comfort. "We all changed, Will. And I would be worried if you hadn't, after all that powerful magic."

She felt her friend stiffen and she winced at the reminder, but held her friend firm. "No, I don't mean that. I meant that you were a conduit for some very powerful stuff and that should have affected you, even without calling the Slayers."

Willow slowly relaxed and nodded her head. "It's more than that though. I feel like I should have a purpose." She laughed softly before continuing, "more of a purpose, I guess. More than calling Slayers and fighting demons. I don’t know, I just feel as if I'm spinning my wheels, that no matter what we do, five more demons will take their place and only a select few will fight them."

Buffy knew exactly how Willow felt, she'd felt the same way when she was the only Slayer, and felt it now that she was one of many. They'd never win the war, but would they ever win enough battles to make a difference?

"Will? Why did you help me fight the demons the first year? Was it because of Jesse's death?" An idea was beginning to form, but she wanted an answer first before she shared it with Willow.

The petite red head's mind went back to that terrible night that she'd almost been vampire food and Jesse had. "At first? It was because of Jesse. If Jesse hadn't died, I probably would have gone back to computer nerd living in the library, even with a Slayer for a friend." A small smile tilted the edges of her lips, "but after? Because once you know about evil, know that it's out there, you can't not help or fight."

Buffy nodded her head, "That's what I thought. I always whined that I didn't want to be Chosen that I wanted to be normal, yet the first opportunity that I can be 'normal' and not Chosen I still fight evil and demons. You, Xander, Cordelia, Dawn and Giles didn't have special skills, well you did with the mojo, but I meant at the beginning. What if there are others like Xander, Dawn and Giles? Look at Riley, Graham and Forrest, they didn't have special skills beyond soldier guys to fight the evil, yet they did. What if we brought the world news that demons exist? Add more to the Slayers?"

Willow sat up, a smile blooming across her features, "I think that it might work. I don't mean advertise all over the Internet or in the media, but towns were we know there is a demon population, look to see if there are 'normal' people fighting. Help train them, and have them join us."

The more she thought about it, the more she liked it. It would need work and it would take time and it would probably take weeks to convince Giles of it, but it just might tip the balance.

She threw her arms around Buffy and squeezed, pulling her to the floor in a tangle of arms and legs and laughter. Neither girl heard the door open until Xander's voice floated to them.

"My turn next! Do I get to roll around with you both or one at a time?"

Xander had little warning, just the small twinkle of mischief in Buffy's eyes, moments before she released Willow and launched herself at Xander. "Nuggies!"

Willow laughed as she joined in with Buffy, using their knuckles to tease and torment Xander. It wasn't quite amusing yet, but in time, Willow would be able to look back on Kennedy's break up with a little less pain and a little more peace.

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