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Mistake? - Alias - Sydney/Bob - G -

Challenge #52:
It was sort of amusing in hindsight.

Title: Mistake?
Author: mysteriouscreep
Fandom: Alias
Pairing: Sydney/Bob
Word Count: 306
Rating: G
Summary: One night stand. Or is it?
Notes: None ... It's my first Alias fanfiction, and my first think on here. (Bob is just a name to fill in, because the real pairing is GASPWTFSHOCKing.)

It was sort of amusing in hindsight. As he rolled onto his side, and looked at the sleeping angel Sydney Bristow that lay peacefully beside him, her chest rising as she breathed, he couldn’t help but smile to himself. Only two hours ago had he been drinking tequila and eating ice cream with her, both of them laughing at something he could barely remember, only that it involved a carrot, a goat and a Russian man.

He changed position on the bed, now laying on his back. He looked up at the ceiling, examing the tiny holes he could see, the bumps, but after a moment, he got bored and turned his head back to Sydney. How could be sleep with her? This was betrayal, of the worst kind. He would regret it if, and when, it was found out. Sydney would talk eventually, she’d crumble with guilt, and blurt it out during a romantic meal with Vaughn. Either that or she’d get completely drunk and tell him outrightly.

He stroked her hair lightly, and she turned to him. She opened her eyes, and smiled. He smiled back at her, and she leaned in a kissed him. “Hey,” she said in a whisper, as if he was asleep also, and she not trying to wake him up. “Morning,” he said back, and continued to stroke her hair. She rubbed him arm lightly, with emotion. This should make him feel nervous, worried. And yet, he just smiled and chuckled.

“Was this a mistake?” she asked him, and they still smiled. “Just a tequila-ice-cream induced mistake?” She sat up, as did he. “No,” he replied. “You have self-control, so do I. I just guess we both wanted it.”

She rested her head on his chest, and closed her eyes as he began stroking her hair again.

“Thanks Weiss.”
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