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Nip It In The Bud - You're Under Arrest! - (general) (#53)

Title: Nip It In The Bud
Author: kb9vcn
Fandom: You're Under Arrest!
Type: Humor; 100 words.
Rating/warnings: General/none.
Challenge: #53 "It isn't as easy as it looks"
NOTES: Don Knotts will be missed.

(Long-time lurker, first-time writer. My previous drabbles are listed on this page.)

You're Under Arrest! © Kodansha / TBS / KSS Films / AnimEigo.

"It isn't as easy as it looks," Miyuki said to Saori. "Being a police-woman is a big responsibility."

"That's right!" Natsumi said. She held up one trembling fist in a dramatic gesture. "Not only must we risk our lives, every day, to serve and protect-- but it falls to us to instill respect for law and order in today's reckless youth!"

Miyuki rolled her eyes. "You're not exactly one to lecture Saori on recklessness."

"It really must be hard to be a police-woman," Saori whispered to Miyuki. "I mean, with her as your partner."

Miyuki giggled. "You have no idea."

Tags: challenge #53
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