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Just what live journal needs: another weekly multi-fandom challenge. Except, this one is a little different.

Every week, a new first line (or lines) is given, and you write on it, up to 1000 words (if you go over by a little, that's already, but no epics please.) Any fandom. Any pairing. Het, gen, or slash. All are welcome.

New challenges will be posted on Mondays, by slyprentice.

Of course, there are a few rules.
[1] Subject line goes like this: Title - Fandom - Pairing - Rating -
[2] The header should include:

Word Count:

[3] LJ-Cut is a beautiful thing. Use it.
[4] Unless otherwise stated, you can change the tense of the first line(s).
[5] Feedback is not mandatory, but it is highly encouraged.
[6] You can only respond to the current challenge, not past ones. You can respond to any challenge. (This may change back in the future).
[7] You can respond to each challenge up to five times.
[8] Should you be inspired to go over 1000 words, by all means, do so, just make a note of it.
[9] Bash anyone else and you'll be banned. And I'll laugh at your sad little life.

Instead of putting a blank in for names, I'm going to use the name Bob. Why the name Bob? I don't know. I like it. You can change Bob to another name, or if it works with the sentence: me, you, her, him, I, etc. Just, ya know, don't change it too much. Cookies to anyone who does use Bob.

Please go to this post to suggest a first line. Have comments or a question? Email it to slyprentice-at-yahoo.com, with the subject firstlines1000. If you suggest an opening line, include your LJ addy so I can properly give you credit.

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